On "subscribing" to module porting/updating issues

6th Jun

Come on people, STOP IT! You know who you are. "Subscribing" to an issue on a drupal.org project (can we guess which ones, people?) simply fills the thread full of useless comments, cluttering up any valid discussion enough to make any maintainer cry.

So, again, please stop. Bookmark the issue. Use RSS. Visit the Contributed Module Status group on groups.drupal.org, and help maintain the current branches status list - get some links to the relevant issues in there for us all to "subscribe" to!

And of course, if you really want the issue to enter into your "My Issues" queue, then contribute something more worthwhile than "subscribing" or "..."



Or alternately...

...someone could get off their butt and finally add subscription functionality to the site. There are plenty of people who could do this in five minutes flat (I'm one of them) - so time is not a problem, the D.O. webmasters who hold they keys are...

I think subscribing in the manner you mention is a natural result of not taking care of basic functionality. /rant






I don't really buy into that. There is an obvious need for a subscription mechanism on Drupal.org which as yet does not exist.

Bookmarking the issue is insane - that would be like un-inventing RSS - you'd check four dozen issue pages every day for changes?? I think not.

Individual issues pages do not have RSS feeds - this is basically the same problem - you have to read the whole module's list of changes every time.

The reason people enter "subscribe" as a message and a means of getting a meaningful subscription is twofold: firstly, they have nothing to say, and they know that. That's sensible. Adding inane comments and questions would merely dilute the thread - much worse than a simple "subscribe".

The second reason is simple - there is just no reasonable alternative. The core issue is to get something implemented in project* that will allow for notifications/subscriptions to d.o in a resource-friendly way without this (admittedly slightly crazy) subscribe message phenomenon.


Subscribing. /irony

Seriously, though, I agree completely with this rant. Nothing bothers me more than trying to quickly assess the status of an issue and having to sift through a thousand useless posts that add nothing. Well... I guess some things bother me more. But it's right up there.

Actually, adding a

Actually, adding a "subscribing" message is the culturally accepted way to track an issue. You can agitate for the community to adopt a different approach, but you are swimming upstream.

emerging behaviors and infrastructure

The countless number of "subscribing" posts is a perfect example of an emerging behavior in a social network that doesn't have the infrastructure to adapt quickly enough. This isn't a complaint, but merely an observation.

Your suggestions are right on the money. Unfortunately, there's currently no way to subscribe to an individual issue via email or RSS. There is, however, a helpful Update Scanner extension for Firefox.

no, I won't stop

The easiest way to bookmark an issue is with subscribing. Until there is no better way, I will subscribe with an useless comment, like it or not..

Subscribe to this

So yes it's annoying, but a simple subscribe to this link would be a much more convenient solution to this problem wouldn't it? I understand your frustration of revisiting a node just because someone having the same issue subscribes to that issue by leaving a reply. If it would be possible to subscribe to any node on drupal.org this would not be an issue and only items worthwhile reading would be submitted.

It's the easiest way to watch an issue.

I understand that developers can be pissed of because of this, but this is the easiest way to watch what's going on with an issue. I don't like bookmarking pages and temporary RSSes are no good as well. The best way is to be notified by e-mail, however it's no option to subscribe w/o posting a comment. I've subscribed to whole project once or twice because i didn't want to write such useless comment and i've never written such comment, however I fully understand subscribers.

Hey. Maybe someone will write some code and provide "subscribe to an issue" functionality...

The real way to get this to stop...

...is to solve Way to "subscribe" (add it to your tracker/my issues page, and/or email) without actually following up to the issue. If this annoys you enough to spam the entire body of Drupal Planet readers with a rant about this, perhaps it annoys you enough to take action. :)

Hear Hear!

That is one of my biggest Drupal pet peeves. As someone who actively uses my tracker to monitor posts, there is nothing I hate more than to click to see what's new only to see "subscribe". I've done it a few times in the past but it was always carefully considered and I had a good reason for it beyond simply being interested in the thread. Yes, it's a pain that there's no subscribe feature on d.o. There's an issue for it out there somewhere that's likely lacking manpower to implement. In the mean time, bookmarks, people!


The alternative would be for

The alternative would be for somebody to just fix the bugs instead of procrastinating about it for 12 months and then delaying the patch until Drupal 9 while the thread turns into yet another long-winded string of excuses.

Maybe the Drupal project needs some more dedicated programmers who spend less time jetting around Europe filling their pockets with venture capital. Maybe I need some more coffee.


Yes, you definitely need some more coffee!

"meaningless whining"

I'm whining, perhaps Steven Wittens is too: What's wrong with Drupal?

CVS log?

Another option, suggested by merlinofchaos here, is to subscribe to a project's CVS log RSS feed, eg for Panels: http://drupal.org/project/cvs/74958.

When modules get ported, the responsible maintainer should start tagging with DRUPAL-6 and provide a node/issue reference in the CVS commit message, eg #223994 - Port of Panels 2.x branch to d6. Some kind of saved search or notification via the RSS reader based on strings to look out for (DRUPAL-6, 223994) could prove useful for those simply watching, or "subscribing" to various issues.




...did that one already.